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Niet Rotterdam

  • Verveeld � Verward
    Niet Rotterdam beyond the new waterline
  • Naomi Klein
    A quote by activist and journalist Naomi Klein
  • Tara Lewis
    Climate refugees will travel from Rotterdam. Will they go here?

Every Rotterdammer as shareholder of land 30m above sea level (NAP)

Climate injustice is playing out, also in Rotterdam. People with less to spend, less influence and fewer resources will have to contend with the growing effects of climate change. Is the port city still a home for future Rotterdammers? Niet Rotterdam serves as a warning, call to action and alternate perspective for the necessary system change to prevent a migration of climate refugees.

Niet Rotterdam is a new 5300 m2 piece of Rotterdam, on the Maas, in Limburg. This land offers Rotterdammers their own place at 30 meters above NAP when the sea level rises and Rotterdam is submerged under water. It mercilessly exposes the consequences of the climate crisis, making it tangible that change is needed now. Niet Rotterdam symbolizes the urgency of a sustainable and inclusive society. In Niet Rotterdam, for example, every Rotterdammer is an equal shareholder of the land, which develops based on future-proof principles.

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    Niet Rotterdam
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    Verveeld � Verward
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    Niet Rotterdam